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Budget Laundry Makeover

A customer recently sent in before & after photos of her project using our peel & stick tiles and we are completely blown away!

This is what she started with:

washing machine, dryer, laundry in the garage

Our customer told us she did it herself in under an hour and her husband was so impressed!  How good does this look?!

before and after laundry makeover australia

Tiles used: White & Grey Subway Tile

Get it here:

Sure, it can be a bit hard to envision how the tiles would look like in your space but trust me, once it's up, we've never seen an ugly "after" picture! 

What's best, this solution offers a completely flexible option if you choose to put in real tiles in the future, or change up the whole look of your space. 

Not to mention, this project is super affordable too, at just $142.

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