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Can I Stick Peel & Stick Tiles Behind My Stove?

Short answer is - yes! 

Our self-adhesive tiles are heat-resistant and safe behind a stove. In fact I have them at home behind my induction cooker! (its so amazing, there's no grout to clean and super easy to wipe down with a damp cloth)

However, with a GAS stovetop or an electric stovetop that creates fire spraks, what we're concerned of is the direct flame/ sparks.

We recommend having a clearance of at least 20cm between the tiles and stove to be safe.

Please take this seriously as the risk of fire is real if you're not careful. 

As all things in life, it all comes down to your own judgement!  Lots of people have used it behind their gas cooktop and have no issues with it. 

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