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Can I Stick Peel & Stick Tiles In The Shower?

Technically, since it is waterproof, you can. But we do not recommend it for the following reasons:

1. For the tiles to stick well, you got to make sure your existing tile and grout are levelled (no gap in between them). If there's a gap between them, water will seep through and overtime, weaken the adhesive of the tile stickers.

2. For the reason above, our tiles would not last as long as it should be.

3. Back to point number 1, even if you're thinking of installing it on a flat surface in the shower, make sure the surface is indeed flat and smooth - if not water might seep into the gap and weaken the adhesive over time.

In short, you can put it in the shower if you want, you just can't expect it to last as long as it should be! (eg 4 years).

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