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Caravan Splashback

Are you currently renovating your caravan and need some inspiration on a caravan kitchen splashback? Glad you found us!

Many of our customers have used our tiles to make their caravan kitchen look like home. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider Stick On Luxury's 3D peel and stick tiles:

1. It is light, much lighter than real tiles

All the function of real tiles, without the weight. Our subway tiles are only 85grams each while our smaller tiles are only 55grams each. How good does that sound? Lighter splashback = more personal belongings you can bring with you.

2. Movements in van will not affect our tiles

and we know this by asking our customers! Our tile stickers have strong adhesive and will not be affected by movements in the van while driving. You also do not have to worry about cracked grout, cracked ceramic tiles that are often results of van movement.

3. Change style easily

Lets be honest. Part of the reason why owning and renovating a van is so fun is because it is a project, something that is not as permanent as a home. For that reason, you tend to want to experiment different designs/colour- perhaps something you wouldn't have done in your forever home because of how permanent it is. 

So using our tile stickers is truly the best way to experiment! How would a black splashback look? If you change your mind in the future, simply peel it off and stick another!

caravan splashback subway tiles australia

Featured here is our white & grey subway tiles:

Stick On Luxury is an Australian owned and operated brand selling all things peel and stick. We aspire to be your one-stop peel and stick shop for all your project needs! We currently only sell tile stickers and window film, but stay tuned for more product updates!

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