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We Asked a Community of 20K Local Mums What They Wished They've Added in Their Forever Homes. Here Are The Top 10 Answers

There, the title says it all.

I understand that not everyone has the budget to include all these upgrades when they are building their homes. But it helps to know what others thought are absolutely necessary because you can't go back in time and rebuild it. 

1. Hidden storage everywhere

2. Lots of powerpoint including at the kitchen bench

3. Underfloor heating

4. Good insulation

5. Big windows for natural light 

6. Bigger garage

7. More kitchen space

8. Big linen storage cupboard

9. Soundproofing between floors

10. Bigger laundry room for washing machine, dryer, space to fold and iron clothes. Enough space for the ironing board to stay open and not be in the way.

There you go! You're welcome.  :)

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