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About Us

Hi there! 

Stick on Luxury is a family owned business based in Australia.

We are born out of our passion for easy, affordable DIY home improvement that makes a home, a home you love without the hefty price of a renovation.

The background story aka my problem: 

When we first bought our home, everything was still functional albeit a little dated. The colour of the kitchen was so dated that I considered a) renovating it  b) spray painting it  c) just changing the green tiles that I so hate. 

After asking around for quotes, I realised that we are not willing to spend 5 digits on a kitchen renovation when everything is still working and functional. 

Spray painting would also cost thousands of dollar and I just couldn't find a company that I could trust. Most of them wouldn't even reply to my emails/calls!

I then contacted a tiler to see if I could just change the tiles. He quoted me $2,000 just for labour and I'm expected to buy the tiles myself. He also then disappeared after I asked more questions. 

My solution:

Well, where does that leave me? Those dated green tiles were driving me crazy so I had to find an AFFORDABLE solution!

For it to be affordable, I need it to be so EASY that I can do it myself (no labour). 

That's how Stick On Luxury was born and....the rest is history!

I now LOVE my kitchen! and most importantly, my wallet loves me because I completely revamped the look of my kitchen for what? Less than $300!!

Now can you sense my excitement? This is the reason why I knew I had to let the world know about these tiles. It changed my life, it can change yours too!

Also perfect for the #vanlife

I later found out it is a great alternative to real tiles for a caravan kitchen! Isn't that cool? less weight in the van = less petrol needed / more things you could bring along! #win

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