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Before you purchase: Is stick on tiles right for me?

We strongly recommend you read these information in full before purchasing to ensure a satisfactory outcome.


Installing our products on painted walls:

  • Paints that are advertised as stain-resistant, waterproof, wash and wear paints or washable paint : most peel and stick products cannot adhere to these paint as these paints are made to contain additives that will repel adhesive. Eg Dulux wash and wear paint. Our stick on tile will not last more than a day if stuck onto these paints
  • Waterproofing membrane/paint: unfortunately our tiles will also not stick on these as it contains additives that repeals adhesive
  • In the event that you've tried to stick it on the above restricted paint: we suggest you use 3M adhesive spray to allow the tiles to stick
  • Freshly painted walls: Please allow 4 weeks for paint to cure before sticking on our products

Installing our products directly on existing tiles:

  • Very uneven existing grout and tiles: To achieve a seamless look, we recommend our premium range tiles as they are thicker and will be able to mask the unevenness. In some cases, the tiles and grout are not very uneven so our normal range would be fine, however if in doubt, always order a piece to try it in your space
  • Installing on shower walls: We only recommend our premium range for inside the shower walls because they are thicker and stickier. Please put a layer of silicon at the bottom/edges to make it last longer

Colour difference

  • Colour on screen: Please keep in mind that whatever colour you see on the screen might turn out a little different in real life. We have sample packs for this very reason - please purchase a sample pack or a piece to see it in your own space. Also we try our best to show you the true colour of every design. Every product page comes with a real-life video with no edit whatsoever to hopefully show you the real colour, so please look at the video
  • Final look: Please keep in mind that the final installed colour might be affected by your surroundings - for example wall colour, shadow from the cabinets or surrounding furniture etc 
  • Purchase more than enough tiles in your first purchase: We developed our tile calculator for this very reason - Designs can be discontinued without any notice, and different batches might have a slight difference in colour. This does not mean the product is faulty, everything that is printed will have this issue. Always purchase a little more than enough to allow for mistakes (which is inevitable!), offcuts and keep in mind that the tiles overlap, so more tiles will be needed


  • Gas stove/ electric stove or anything that has fire sparks: Please note that for these kind of surfaces, we recommend at least a 20cm distance to prevent the tiles from catching fire. These tiles are heat-resistant but not fire-resistant.

If in doubt..

  • If in doubt whether your surface is suitable or not, please purchase a piece to try it in your space. We have only encountered a handful of complaints about our products not sticking and they're 100% because of the paint that was used, which is why we were able to come up with these information


These information are written by Stick On Luxury and not to be re-produced.