Tile Stickers FAQ

1. What is the size of an individual sticker? 
Size of each design is specified on their respective product pages. Please check sizes carefully before purchasing. Do use our tile calculator to determine how many sheets to buy!

2. What are the stickers made of?
Our stickers are made of PET with PU glue, 3D effect made possible with the latest gel technology.

3. Are the stickers removable?
Yes! Our stickers are self-adhesive and do not require any other adhesives. Note that removing the stickers may chip painted walls, depending on the quality of paint on the wall.

4. Help! The stickers are not coming off!
To help remove stickers from ceramic tiles, apply some heat using a hair dryer. 

5. How many stickers should I buy?
Glad you asked! Head on over to our 'tile calculator' page to find out!

6. Can I use the stickers in the shower?
Normal range: Although our stickers are waterproof, it is not recommended to be placed in the shower wall where water is constantly collected. It might weaken the adhesive of the overlapping parts of the stickers overtime. It is perfect behind the sink/bathtub though!

Premium range: Yes you can stick these on your shower walls! Premium range tiles are 2 times thicker and stickier, making it suitable for shower walls!

7. Can I use it behind the stovetop?
Yes! Our stickers are heat resistant. One warning though - if you have a gas cooktop, we recommend to have at least a 20cm clearance between the stickers and fire to avoid contact with direct heat. If your gas cooktop have a back panel then you're fine!
We have induction at home and have the stickers as splashback.

8. Can I place the stickers outdoor?
No sorry, the stickers are not meant to be placed outdoor where it might come in contact with rain or direct sunlight. 

9. What surfaces can I stick the stickers on?
Most flat, clean, smooth surfaces - wooden, painted walls, glass, acrylic, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, aluminium, plastic surfaces. 
Not suitable for- dirty, cracked, ashed, mouldy, uneven walls, raw wood.
For best adhesion on plywood - paint with primer and allow it to dry for 3 weeks before sticking it on.

10. Are your stickers the same as the other brands?
We can't speak for the other brands unfortunately. However, if you've already started your project with another brand, we recommend finishing up your project with the same brand. There might be colour differences if you use different brands to finish your project.

11. Do you have a sample that I can order?
Yes! We now have sample packs available here: https://stickonluxury.com.au/collections/samples/products/samples
Samples are 1/6 the size of a regular tile. If you think they're too small, you can purchase piece by piece at the respective product pages.

Terms & Conditions of sample packs:
- Purchase price of sample packs is reimbursed if you make an order > $199
- Only 1 discount code can be used per order so if you purchase more than 1 sample pack, only the purchase price of one sample pack will be reimbursed in subsequent order > $199
- Sample packs are non-returnable & non-refundable

12. Please don't tell me these stickers are hard to clean? 
Not at all! Just wipe it using a damp cloth. Harsh chemical solution is not needed and not recommended.  

13. Who is this for?
Our customers have bought these for a budget home reno, to decorate a toy kitchen, or for a caravan reno! It is perfect for a caravan as it is very light compared to real tiles! You can also use these to upcycle a furniture, to create a backdrop for an event, or to create a feature wall! The possibilities are endless :)

14. How much is shipping and do you do express shipping? 
$9.95 Flat rate shipping or FREE delivery on all orders above $199. Express shipping at a flat rate of $14.95 is also available.

We mostly only ship within Australia however if you're not in Australia and want to purchase from us, please send us an email with your address & what you'd like to order and we will get back to you with a shipping quote. hello@stickonluxury.com.au

15. When will my order be dispatched?
We process all orders within 2 business days of receipt of payment. 

16. How long will shipping take?
Once your order has been dispatched (within 2 business days), we will send you an email with the shipping timeline. Shipping to metro areas generally take 1-5 business days. Shipping to TA and WA are a bit longer, at 4-12 business days. A more accurate shipping timeline will be in your email after we dispatch your order.

17. What is your return policy?
You can return all unused tile stickers within 2 weeks of purchase (14 calendar days) if you have change your mind. Note: it has to be unused and still be in saleable condition. Please contact us before you initiate any returns. Any returns that are not communicated to us beforehand will not be entertained. Buyer will pay for return postage. 

Please note: Initial shipping cost will be deducted from refunded amount. Also if paid through Afterpay, Afterpay fees will also be deducted as this is cost we cannot recoup. Thanks for your understanding. 

18. Why should I use your stickers?
It is an affordable and easy solution to give your home a fresh look! Not only is it less than a fraction of the price of actual tiles (don't forget the labour cost as well), it is incredibly easy to apply and can be easily replaced. Perfect for anyone who is looking to integrate current design trends into their home. 

19. I still need more help!
Great, shoot us an email at hello@stickonluxury.com.au and we will get back to you within minutes!
Ready to Purchase? Click here!  https://stickonluxury.com.au/collections/all

Window Film FAQ

1. Can I reuse it?

Yes! Simply keep the backing film and stick it back on if you want to keep and reuse it in the future.