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Installation Guide/ Videos


What you will need:
1. Cleaning supplies to prepare the wall/tile
2. A blade knife/ cutter
3. Cutting board
4. Tape
5. Ruler

Suitable for: 
✅ Wooden surfaces
✅ Painted, smooth walls (Warning: Paint might chip when sticker is removed, depending on the quality of paint)
✅ Glass surfaces
✅ Acrylic paneling
✅ Stainless steel
✅ Ceramic
✅ Aluminium
✅ Plastic 

Unsuitable surfaces:
🚫 Oiled and dirty walls
🚫 Embossed tiles
🚫 Cracked walls and tiles
🚫 Ash walls
🚫 Uneven walls
🚫 Mouldy walls
🚫 Outdoor

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Installation video:

 How to cut premium tiles:

Tile edge trim installation:

What you will need:
1. Cleaning supplies to prep the windows
2. Blade
3. Squeegee/card
4. Soapy water/water in a spray bottle
5. Cloth to wipe 

Suitable for:
✅ Flat, smooth, clean windows, indoor only.

Unsuitable surfaces:
🚫 Outdoor, rough dirty, broken windows or plastic surfaces.