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Why Stick On Luxury?

Why us? Glad you asked!

  • Stick on Luxury is the first peel and stick tiles brand in Australia that designs our own tiles (which was copied by many other brands out there, a little fun fact) to suit the Australian market. 
  • We use our products ourselves and have extensive knowledge about it eg best way to install, best surfaces to stick on etc. We do countless of experiments with our products, we personally film all of the installation videos and all the review photos that you see? they're 100% from real customers.
  • We also do customer service a little different.
  • Firstly, we send orders to the post office every single day if the order comes in before 12pm. We only use Aus post and no other courier. 
  • Secondly, we are quick to reply to emails (like, under 2 hours usually) and thirdly, if problem arises, we work with you to achieve the best solution.
  • Fourthly, we pack your orders one by one, checking for quality issues while doing it, especially when it comes to colour differences or faulty tiles. We can guarantee you nobody else in the industry does this. 
  • Lastly, we take you seriously. If you need it urgently, we find ways to get it to you in 1 business day. If you need it in the next hour and if you’re in Sydney, we will crack our brains to get the tiles to you. Your deadline is our deadline and we’re dead set to achieve it. 
  • Unlike many others in the industry, we work only with ONE factory. This does not make much business sense but because of our high standards, we can only find one factory that we are satisfied with. We constantly improve our products based on customers' feedback.
  • Because we only work with one factory, we are able to determine with certainty what surfaces our products can stick on. Please read more here
  • While all stick on tiles look the same, the quality is not. Trust us to know this after working with a few factories. Ours have been tested in our own homes for close to 3 years now!