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Tile Calculator

Don't know how many tiles to buy? We've got you!

Here's a tile calculator and step by step guide below:

Tile Calculator


1. Measure your space and input it in "your space to tile" in the calculator

You only need to enter the length and width. Total area will be automatically populated. Divide your project area into separate rectangular spaces for easy measuring. For example:

2. Choose which tile stickers you want then input the size figures below in the "your tiles" section in the calculator


3. Input gap size as per below:
Subway tiles, Hexagon Tiles, Mosaic, Irregular square tile =  -2  

Lantern, penny tiles =  -1
Herringbone & fish scale tiles = -4.5
Square and kitkat tiles = 0 (since there's no overlap)

4. Ignore waste factor

5. Leave "buying the tiles" empty. 
Viola! The calculator auto calculates how many you need at the "results" section. We recommend you get at least 2 more to allow for mistakes. 


Note: Since square tiles are fairly straightforward, we have excluded it from this calculator.

*Figures generated from this tile calculator serves only as a guideline, actual tiles used will depend on the configuration of your space (eg if there are a lot of corners, power points etc, you should expect more offcuts), and how much mistakes you make. Always buy a few more!

 Common mistakes while using the calculator:

1. Make sure all your measurements are in the same metric system - if you use CM, use CM for all measurements. 

Your calculator should look like this:


If you still can't get through it, drop us a message with your area measurement and we will assist!