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3 Unique Christmas Decoration I Bet You Never Thought Of

I know I know, how did we get to September so quickly?! I think most people will agree with me that 2020 has passed by so quickly that it is a blur to most of us. 

The only reason I'm happy it's September is because... we're less than 3 months  to CHRISTMAS!!

and you know what they say - it is never too early to decorate for Christmas!!

Now I get it, when you think of Christmas decoration, most people think about putting up christmas trees, frontyard lighting decoration, fireplace decoration yadda yadda. Today, I'm going to share with you 3 unique ways you can decorate your house that will for sure blow your friends/family's minds!

1. Decorate your chandelier

chandelier christmas decoration

Source: Pinterest,

This is such a simple but great idea! It instantly brings forward the christmas mood don't you think?! 

Plus, I can only imagine how beautiful the reflections will look when the chandelier is on at night! 

2. Wrap a big bow at your front door

I recently came across the instagram page of Bowtique Doors and I'm so blown away by their creations!  Check them out here

How majestic does this bow look? They're all lovingly handmade by the owners!

3. Decorate your kitchen - beautify your splashback

and No, I don't mean just putting a reindeer on your benchtop.

Source: Pinterest, curated interior

Source: Pinterest, Design dazzle

When I scroll through these christmas kitchen decoration, only one particular thing stood out to me - these people all have nice kitchens to start with, especially their splashback!

It is no ugly green, or ugly pink colour that you often find in dated kitchens (can you imagine how hard is it to decorate with that?)

So our 3rd unique way of decorating for christmas is actually - using 3D Peel & Stick tiles to first get rid of your ugly splashback that would make decorating your kitchen hard.

Specifically our white & grey classic subway tile or sparkly white subway tile.

Putting these white subway tile stickers on will level the playing field and makes it so much easier to decorate your kitchen.

I hope you enjoy our 3 unique ways of decorating for Christmas!

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