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4 Reasons to Use Peel & Stick Tiles Instead of Real Tiles

Peel and stick tiles, yay or nay? 

Why would someone use it? Why not just use real tiles?

If you're asking the above questions, you are very lucky to never have to deal with ugly tiles in your life. I'm jealous! 

Over the years I have been in many rental places where it's not well maintained, outdated and yes you can imagine, flipping bright coloured/floral tiles that i just cannot......

As a seasoned renter, I understand it is hard to embrace the house as your own when you can't really make improvements to the house. 

This brings me to my first point: Why would you use self-adhesive tiles?

1. You do not own the house but want to get rid of the ugly tiles

Guys, peel and stick tiles are our saving grace. We can finally cover up the ugly kitchen splashback and put on some nice subway tiles! You have hope. To remove our stickers from ceramic tiles, simply heat it up using a hair dryer and you should be able to remove it fairly quickly without damaging the tiles!

2. You want a bold design

If you own your house and are thinking of renovating in the future, peel and stick tiles might still be for you. How? When you want a bold design/colour that you need to convince your spouse of / want to make sure the design can stand the test of time.

Installing peel & stick tiles is an easy, affordable way to put your design to test. Best thing with these stickers? The flexibility. Don't like it? Change it! 

When you find something you really like, then you can consider making it permanent when the time comes!

3. You are strap for cash

Kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive renovation you'll undertake in your home. Some people just cannot afford to revamp the whole place all at once, and that might not be a bad thing! There is a solution, there is hope.

Our stickers can go right on to painted walls, so it works perfectly as a kitchen splashback. Make it permanent only when you have the spare cash. 

4. You like flexibility 

Ever got that sudden burst of creativity after watching The Block?

Or after seeing your favorite instagrammer post about a DIY project?

If you like fun DIY projects, want to shake things up once in a while, these stickers are perfect for you!

Why must tiles be so permanent? Wouldn't it be nice if we could change our kitchen splashback after a few years, depending on what's trendy?

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