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Can You Stick Peel & Stick Tiles Over Existing Tiles?

The short answer is - absolutely! If your tiles are smooth and not embossed. 

This is my own kitchen before I sticked on the tiles:

This is after:

I find sticking on existing tiles easier than sticking it on painted wall because if you make a mistake, you can simply rip it off the ceramic tile and try sticking it again. With painted walls, it might pick up minute dust (if you haven't clean it thoroughly) that will make it less sticky.

Will the grout lines show through the tiles? Absolutely not. Our self-adhesive vinyl tiles are 3D so it provides a bit of depth that will mask the grout lines.

Do note that if you have a gas cooktop, it is advisable that you place the stickers at least 20cm away from direct fire (it is fine if your gas cook top has a back panel).

Also, please clean existing tiles thoroughly and allow to fully dry before sticking!

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