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Best Splashback Colour for Cream Cupboards

Cream kitchen - the colour of 70s. Love it or hate it?!

Well if you're not looking to change the cupboards for the foreseeable future, why not try and make it look better?

Most of the cream kitchens in Australia that we've seen also come with hideous splashback tiles - think highly contrasting coloured tiles, floral (or fruity?) border tiles or plain, old boring white tiles (probably with dirty greasy grout too).

So what can you do, exactly?!

Enter: Peel and stick tiles/ stick on splashback/ self-adhesive tiles

Here are some colour suggestions that would make your cream kitchen a little more bearable:

1. Elegant black stick on tiles : black tiles with grey grout

The black takes the focus off the cream coloured cupboards and pops up like a feature tile.

cream kitchen cupboard with black stick on splashback

2. Sapphire grey mosaic tile - hues of grey and blue mosaic tiles with white grout

sapphire grey mosaic stick on splashback tile against cream coloured kitchen in Australia

Now look at the before photo of this kitchen - it will shock you!

cream kitchen cupboards with ugly tiles in Australia

What a shocker?! It's the same cupboard with different benchtop, stove, handles and splashback! 

This goes to show you can change the entire look of a kitchen just by sticking on some stick on tiles.

Yes, just stick our sticker tiles right over your existing tiles.

3. Forest green subway - forest green tile with white grout

This is another popular option if you have cream cupboards: 

forest green splashback against cream cupboard

As you can see, dark-coloured tiles look really good with cream cupboards.

So there's no need to stress about old dingy cream cupboards - you can make it work! 

Not sure which colour would suit your space? Check out our samples here:

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